Your Mini-farm
We allocate a mini-farm at a community farm nearby,
for a monthly fee.

Farming with farmers

Grow your own fresh, chemical-free food. In a mini-farm you control.

Your Choice

You choose what you want to grow, manage your mini-farm with our website & stay updated.

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Becoming Organic is Easy



In 21st century, from an health perspective, fertilizing, overproduction, and the use of pesticides and chemicals in farming may negatively affect immunity, digestive systems, hormones.

Agricultural heritage denotes the values and traditional practices adopted in ancient India, which are more relevant for present day system.

These health issues are intended to be minimized or avoided in organic farming. Naturally grown farming is where the plants are grown without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Naturally grown foods have higher nutritional value compared to modern day foods available in market.

Naturally grown farming is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. Organic agriculture combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote good quality of life for all involved.

Who We Are

Agriculture was the most important industry and occupation of the people as also the biggest source of income of the society and state. The theory of agriculture includes observations on all aspects of agriculture such as meteorological observations relating to agriculture, management of agriculture, management of cattle, agricultural tools, seed collection and preservation, ploughing and all the agricultural processes involved right from preparing fields, to harvesting and storage of crops.

Natural Growing Veggetables!

It is our goal to deliver 100% naturally grown, residue free & fresh from the farm vegetables in the market.


We distribute a wide variety of products.

20 Vegetables

Chilli, Brinjal, Tomato, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Spinach, Carrot, Radish, Cluster beans, Capsicum, Garlic, Cucumber, Ridge gourd ,Bitter gourd, Coriander,Sweet potatoes, Red Cabbage, Onion, peas

Delivery Network

We have developed an effective and fast delivery network which brings the products at your doorstep within 48 hours.

Pick ups

Check our local pick up spots – you’ll be amazed how close we are to you.

How we are different?

Our consultants will help you to choose the best plan according to your needs. Note that we can also arrange a custom plan specially for you.

Almost 16!

We are working with farms and organic products for almost 16 years and to be honest this is the best job ever – to see the people smiles when they try our tasty berries or fresh milk!

100% Professionals

We have contracts with major organizations from in and out of the country. We have received the Best Organic Food of The Year Award 2013.

Our Product



0 out of 5
38.00 30.99 /500 g


0 out of 5
60.00 58.99 /500 g


0 out of 5
82.00 79.99 /500 g


0 out of 5
60.00 57.99 /piece


0 out of 5
32.00 29.00 /500 g


0 out of 5
45.00 40.99


0 out of 5
36.00 30.99 /250 g


0 out of 5
62.00 50.99 /500 g

Why Choose Organic Foods?